As one of the top freight services provider in the region, Naga Global Logistics is a leader in enabling manufacturers and brands to significantly enhance their logistics operations.

Air Freight

We offers all facets of air cargo logistics operations.

Sea Freight

We offers all facets of sea cargo logistics operations.

Custom Clearance

We possesses all the required knowledge concerning cargo customs clearance.


We collaborate closely with over 400 brand owners to provide warehousing.

Inland Transport

We provide lorry transport service to all destination with competitive rates.

Cross Boarder Services

AllSome provides on-the-ground supports for modern online merchants. From oversea suppliers to worldwide buyers.

Heavy Industries Packaging

Choosing the right packing solution for shipping your products is a challenge on its own, but when you need to transport heavy, large, or bulky items, selecting the appropriate packing option can become even more trying.

Door To Door Services

Our Door to Door Freight Delivery Service People often need to ship larger than normal items overseas or locally but usually have a hard time figuring out their delivery requirements.


Offers a fully integrated service encompassing Freight Forwarding (Ocean & Air), Custom Clearance, Project Forwarding, Inland Transportation, Warehousing, Local Distribution, Express Services and much more. We operate our branch network in Malaysia and extensive overseas network.

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